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Android projects

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  • AND007-Android and Web inventory management system

    AND007-Android and Web inventory management system

    Part1: Web Application admin can upload product list with item code, product name, images, MRP and its inventory. Admin can track orders. He can send purchase orders to vendors. Can add stock etc. Part2: Android App This system is developed in Android OS, so that one can carry with him the inventory Learn More
    INR 10,000.00

  • AND008-Boutique system with 3d model for web and android

    AND008-Boutique system with 3d model for web and android

    BSFWA is an application for boutiques where dress designers and customer of a boutique can cloth a 3d model whose face will be like the face of user (or fashion model). Two app will be designed one for web and other for android. A database on Web Application will maintain all dress’ data provided Learn More
    INR 12,000.00

  • AND009-Smart Communicator

    AND009-Smart Communicator

    Smart communicator will be a mobile based application to facilitate messaging and mailing. This messaging module will be like a private Chat room having contacts from our contact list. Like a teacher have to inform something to his students he will just create group and send message, this message wi Learn More
    INR 10,000.00

  • AND010-Digital Life

    AND010-Digital Life

    “Digital life” for android is a feature-packed app that allows you to capture your ideas and experience in text, voice, images and location. From daily note taking utility to snapshots and recordings, all are enclosed in one software. The widgets make this app unique and highly customizable Learn More
    INR 10,000.00

  • AND011-Real Homes

    AND011-Real Homes

    It is a real estate web portal for India and Middle East in which people can buy or sale lands houses, commercial building or offices or can get on rent. It is a layered architect in web develops. Part 1: Web Application Admin can post n numbers of properties. He can see the response to the listings Learn More
    INR 14,000.00

  • AND012-Remote PC Administration using Android

    AND012-Remote PC Administration using Android

    The purpose of this project is to provide the mobile users a great tool which facilitates them to access their remote PC’s. The basic idea behind the project is to bridge the communication gap between mobile users and the PC’s. This type of service enhances the capabilities and features of mobil Learn More
    INR 12,000.00

  • AND013-An Android based application for vehicles sales, purchase

    AND013-An Android based application for vehicles sales, purchase

    Part1: Web Application Admin will create vehicle category, Brand, location master etc. Part2: Android App User can download the app and register himself. He can upload his own vehicle. He can search vehicle with different price range and brand and city. He can see the vehicle list and its details wi Learn More
    INR 14,000.00

  • AND014-Android Steganography

    AND014-Android Steganography

    Android app to perform steganography in image files Modules: 1)Hide Data: Browse Image from the device Type Text to hide and Encrypt the image and Save Encrypted image. 2)Show Data: Browse Encrypted image and perform show data It will show the hidden data. Learn More
    INR 6,000.00

  • AND015-Battery Optimizer for Android Mobile Devices

    AND015-Battery Optimizer for Android Mobile Devices

    EBattery Saver is a powerful manager app specifically designed to extend battery life and optimize using it. It saves your battery by intelligently dealing with phone’s network connectivity, screen time out and screen brightness. What’s more, the considerable sleep schedule setting will save you Learn More
    INR 12,000.00

  • AND001-An Application For Stock Exchange Monitoring And Business Intelligent Forecasting

    AND001-An Application For Stock Exchange Monitoring And Business Intelligent Forecasting

    Part1: Web Application where admin can add stocks share and values and random events to the particular companies and its impact (either + or -). Part2: Android App application would be able to monitor the growth of business, real time statistics, stock exchange up and down values, past and curre Learn More
    INR 15,000.00

  • AND017-M - Banking

    AND017-M - Banking

    Part1: Web Application Web Admin can create account for the banking with username and password details. Part2: Android App The main aim of the project is to mobilize the Bank Process that is used to reduce the customer transaction-time as well as user can able to access from anywhere through mobile. Learn More
    INR 12,000.00

  • AND018-Lock my Phone with Face

    AND018-Lock my Phone with Face

    Secure mobile with Android App. Basic Features of the app to Lock phone, Lock call, Lock flight mode with face lock. Key Features: 1. Locking service On/OFF 2. Training 3. Lock Phone, Call, Flight Mode, Headset On/OFF 4. Alternate option to unlock Pin Learn More
    INR 12,000.00

  • AND019-Mobile Guard

    AND019-Mobile Guard

    Part1: Web Application User can register himself and can see his backup data SMS, contacts and phone location, service provider details. Part2: Android App Core Functionalities 1. SIM change alert:- Whenever user changes the SIM ,the SIM will sends SIM ID, Phone number, location, Country Network cod Learn More
    INR 14,000.00

  • AND020-My Own Antivirus

    AND020-My Own Antivirus

    Android App: Create virus definitions Scan complete device and show logs. Show suspicious/infected files list Delete the files. Learn More
    INR 5,000.00

  • AND021-SPY CAM

    AND021-SPY CAM

    Android App it is a complete spy cam. Capture images silently and without knowing anyone. Whiling you are clicking the image it will not play any sound. Will not use and lights, and the screen will also not show any thing. It is a normal screen as it is for the phone Learn More
    INR 8,000.00

  • AND022-App Launch Scheduler

    AND022-App Launch Scheduler

    Android App Launch Scheduler is an android app which launches other apps at specified time. User can make list of schedules. It is very nice app with beautiful UI designs. Learn More
    INR 8,000.00

  • AND023-App Log

    AND023-App Log

    Android App App Log is a productivity app that keeps track of other apps you've used, and compiles some useful statistics about them (most used, seldom used, recently used, etc.). You can then display this information in a widget or in the app itself. Learn More
    INR 8,000.00

  • AND024-App Backup

    AND024-App Backup

    Android App Backup your currently installed apps to a text file, which you can use later to reinstall them from the market easily. You can also restore apps from the text file produces when you select “Export App List”. File selection and progress bar for backup Learn More
    INR 8,000.00

  • AND025-App Lock(Security)

    AND025-App Lock(Security)

    Android App A simple mechanism for preventing certain apps from opening without a password. User can install the app and can select app to lock. He can set password to unlock. Once he wants to launched the locked app it will ask password to open. Learn More
    INR 8,000.00

  • AND026-MBudgeter


    Android App Avoid overdraft fees, unexpected shortages, the minimum payment treadmill, and that sinking dread when you realize you actually couldn't afford to go out. You put money into the envelopes at payday, and take it out as you spend. An envelope can represent anything—a bank account, money Learn More
    INR 10,000.00

  • AND027-Tetris Game

    AND027-Tetris Game

    Android App Nice Android based Tetris game with next image preview and beautiful controls to move left, right, up and down. Learn More
    INR 6,000.00

  • AND028-Kids Memory Game

    AND028-Kids Memory Game

    Android App It is a memory based game for kids. Points increased to select similar images from the list. A list of many user has to choose same images. It has nice sound effect also Learn More
    INR 7,000.00

  • AND029-Jogger Track

    AND029-Jogger Track

    Android App It is a step counter with speed, distance, steps-per-minute and text-to-speech. Calculate calories burned. It is a good application for the people who jog in the park to keep track total distance. Hi speed, Distance, Steps per Minute etc. Learn More
    INR 7,000.00

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Items 37 to 59 of 59 total

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