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About Melody Projects

“We know that excellence is easier to sell than expectation. That’s why we provide complete range of Projects/ Models/ Kits/ Reports for your requirements. Our exacting standard ensures that you get optimum equality, at the best price, backed of course, by our experience, which extends over 27 years. Our reputation rests with our service and quality.”


Melody’s Hobby Centre is the Company dedicated to the task of providing Project Guidance Services for students as well as professionals of all age. In the year 1987 the group of enthusiast and hobbyist founded the company. Melody’s Hobby Centre is currently serving to the following areas:-



Whenever the idea strikes to the hobbyist, he would like to make that project but he is not aware whether the idea is logical or not. Under this service we will help the student to select the right project of his interest so that he will get the success in making that project.




We provide the Components n spares, both electronics and mechanical (unassembled kits) and related information about the selected project.




We help student to implement the selected project and get the true hand experience by making that project under our fully equipped Lab with technical assistance and guidance, till he complete his project. We do not encourage students to buy readymade one that’s why we invite them to do work with us in our workshop.




Under this service we help the student to prepare himself for viva and to complete his project report accordingly. And after sale if any other service is required like repairing or modifying the project we will do the all-possible help.


“Model making is the only activity, which not only sharpen the intellect, creativity, ingenuity and resourcefulness of children but also inculcates scientific temper in them”.


Working Models/Projects are created by simple logic ideas and is the combination of some basic principles & designs. The project included in our catalog doesn’t mean that our scope is limited to these items. Making projects in our language can be defined as ‘Ingenuity Unlimited’. Apart from this catalog, your ideas are valuable to us and we will try to convert them into realities.


All the models/projects in our catalog, either working or non-working are hand made and gives true look as if made by student himself. For your convenience we have categorized the complete list on subjects basis so as to choose your project accordingly.


Broadly speaking we have devided our service in five major categories as under :-



This category is exclusively dedicated to electronics, hobbyist and professionals. Under this we provide printed Circuit Boards, Spares, Electronic Books, Electronic Hobby Kits, to encourage the electronics and hobby, also we have a collection of non-soalring type kits on which students can directly perform the experiment without using any tool etc.


For the professional and senior students we have Digital Microprocessor Based and PC Interface Projects in unassembled kit form



In this category we include all type of Models and Projects for all subjects. This start from class Ist to class 12th or even BSc./B.ed/Diploma Course. This category includes all the subjects like Science and Technology (Physics, Chemistry, Biology), General Science, Geography , Science fair n Exhibition, Mathematics or even Teaching Aids for language subjects.


This category is exclusively made for School and College students, those who would like to complete their project work (working or non-working) with project reports and supporting material

This category also helps the students and teachers those who would like to participate in Science fair and Exhibitions in their respected school and collages. The size and creativity has no limit under this category. This category includes all major sections of Science and Technology like Energy, Transport, Communication, Information Technology, Agriculture, Food, Health and Nutrition, Pollution and Environment, Science for Education, Technology for Rural and Urban Area Development and many more.



Broadly speaking this section includes all types of major and minor projects required by the B.Tech and M.Tech students under any field. The wide range of Hardware and Software Projects are really mind blowing. We always welcome new ideas to implement as per personal choice.



Under this category we have the collection of wide range of project report required by the students in each n every field. If the student is studying in school, he can select from our Physics, Chemistry, Biology list. We also have almost all type of project reports required by the students for Management like MBA, Marketing, Human Resources etc. We do support in making reports on topics not mentioned in this list. As we have the wide collection of Project reports in almost all subjects and fields, any student can take benefit from our services.


Apart from this we also make Power Point Presentation and Slides as per student’s requirements.



For the computer science students we have an exclusive choice of Software Projects in C, C++, Visual Basic, Oracle, Java, HTML, Multimedia, Animation, Dot Net, Android, IOT (Internet of Things) etc. Apart from this we have selective projects for Networking Students also.



This category is a marvel to students and hobbyist of all age. This includes all types of motors, gears, AC or DC geared motors, tyres and other components.