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Android projects

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  • AND045-Weight tracker

    AND045-Weight tracker

    Android App Weight Tracker is a simple, easy to use, weight tracking app that helps you keep a journal of your weight on your device. Besides weight, allows tracking few other body parameters. Calculates BMI (Body Mass Index). Draws graphs of parameters across the time. Allows to enter a value just Learn More
    INR 8,000.00

  • AND031-Tea Timer

    AND031-Tea Timer

    Android App Manage your tea time. Beautiful app to manage your tea timing. Set Timer Set Preferences ( Notification Sound Effects, Notification Vibrate, Led Notification, Themes, Repeat the timer option. Learn More
    INR 5,000.00

  • AND032-Elegant To Do

    AND032-Elegant To Do

    Android App Categorize and prioritize checklists, assign due dates and alarms, set highly configurable recurring tasks, and add detailed notes to items. Beautiful designed app to replace existing boring calendar to do. Learn More
    INR 7,000.00

  • AND033-Tiny Torch

    AND033-Tiny Torch

    Android App Beautiful Tiny Torch Application . Tiny Torch Flash Light is a very small app to use this as torch. You can use back light and screen light. Learn More
    INR 4,000.00

  • AND034-Track Work Time

    AND034-Track Work Time

    Android App It lets you categorize each recorded interval by a client/task and a free text. The list of clients/tasks can be edited to suit your needs. Additionally, if you wish, your flexible time account is taken care of: you always see how much you worked. You can also keep an eye on how much wor Learn More
    INR 6,000.00

  • AND035-Music Player

    AND035-Music Player

    Android App Music player with a simple interface similar to the stock music player. Supports browsing by folder, queuing, shake-to-skip and more. Supports the same audio formats as the stock music player since the system media APIs are used. Learn More
    INR 6,000.00

  • AND036-Mobile Web Browser

    AND036-Mobile Web Browser

    Android App A web browser featuring: Basic browser features (Bookmarks, history, download.)Unlimited tabs; Easy bookmarks access; Easy tabs opening and closing; Bookmarks import from legacy Android browser; Can be set as default browser; Ad-blocker. Learn More
    INR 8,000.00

  • AND037-I am Painter

    AND037-I am Painter

    Android App Paint is a coloring tool which helps you to make anything from your imagination. You can draw anything using this app, Select Colors, Select Brush and size, Embossing, Bluring, Erase and Share your drawn image on facebook, whats app etc. Learn More
    INR 8,000.00

  • AND038-Scientific calculator

    AND038-Scientific calculator

    Android App Scientific calculator with complex numbers and graphing of user-defined functions. Learn More
    INR 8,000.00

  • AND039-Ring Tone Maker and Editor

    AND039-Ring Tone Maker and Editor

    Android App An application for editing and creating your own ringtones, alarms, and notification sounds. Load any track and then set the starting point and ending point and save the new file as ringtone. Very good UI. Learn More
    INR 7,000.00

  • AND040-Birthday Manager

    AND040-Birthday Manager

    Android App This app lets you keep track of birthdays via a widget or the app itself. You can get list of all birthdays and remain days and remaining days forecasting. Very good UI. Learn More
    INR 6,000.00



    Android App Shows your battery charge level (percent) as an icon in your status bar, with temperature, health, voltage, and time since plugged / unplugged in the notification area. It also has user-configurable alarms, logs, and widgets. Automatic time-remaining estimates based on recent usage Sever Learn More
    INR 8,000.00

  • AND042-Smart Cam

    AND042-Smart Cam

    Android App Smart Cam is a simple camera timer application for Android devices. It allows you to choose from a 5, 10, or 15 second countdown and takes one or four pictures after the time has elapsed. After you take a picture it will be shown full screen, allowing you to share or delete it. You can a Learn More
    INR 7,000.00

  • AND043-Smart Driver Skill Monitor

    AND043-Smart Driver Skill Monitor

    Android App Today’s technology already allows drivers to be guided by a GPS. To take this a step further, this app provides a system to monitor and analyze the driving quality by using the accelerometer (G-sensor) of your smart phone. This will help you determine if the driving is good or bad, hel Learn More
    INR 12,000.00

  • AND044-M-Firewall


    Android App Tap the tab at the top to switch between white list and blacklist mode. Tap Menu and Apply Changes to apply. You can block or unblock any app from the list of your installed app. You can check or uncheck to use your 3g data or wifi data. You can set app to use 3g not wifi or vice versa. Learn More
    INR 12,000.00

  • AND030-Smoke Reducer

    AND030-Smoke Reducer

    Android App First of all Smoke reducer (and stopper) records the distance between two times you are smoking. Then, it lengthens that time between each cigarette by telling you when to smoke. If you click the Sleep button, the time that you sleep isn't counted to the time between each alarm Learn More
    INR 3,000.00

  • AND046-Agency Fuel Manager

    AND046-Agency Fuel Manager

    Android App When you buy fuel, just enter the amount you purchased and your current odometer value. AFM will calculate your mileage and maintain a log of your fill-ups. ? Manages data for one or more vehicles. ? Calculates and plots average gas mileage. ? Calculates and plots monthly totals for gas Learn More
    INR 12,000.00

  • AND047-Gesture Reader

    AND047-Gesture Reader

    Android App Define gestures to launch an action like an app, a phone call or playing a song. You can add many gestures at a same time. It will work very smartly and can perform any action on your phone. Learn More
    INR 8,000.00

  • AND048-Dr Water

    AND048-Dr Water

    Android App Dr Water tries to help you drink enough water. Reminder, Begin Time to End Time, Interval, Sounds, Vibrations alerts Basically this app helps you to be fit and helps you to drink water as per your schedules. Learn More
    INR 7,000.00

  • AND049-Snake Game

    AND049-Snake Game

    Android App Simple Snake Game. Get Points on eating fruits. Showing score. Nice UI Learn More
    INR 5,000.00

  • AND050-Network Scanner

    AND050-Network Scanner

    Android App Discover network (WiFi/3G) hosts, scan ports, etc and many more. Ping any Ip and get the details Learn More
    INR 5,000.00

  • AND051-All Calculator

    AND051-All Calculator

    Android App Great Calculator. Features ? Scientific Calculator ? Unit Calculator(Length, Weight, Speed, Volume, Area, Mass, Time) ? Currency Converter ? Basic Calculator ? Tip Calculator(All Country) ? Global Clock ? BMI(Body Mass Index) Calculator V Learn More
    INR 9,000.00

  • AND052-My Phone Assistant

    AND052-My Phone Assistant

    Android App Feature-packed phone assistant, including audio recording, caller announcement, call blocking and much more. Learn More
    INR 12,000.00

  • AND053-Fitness Coach

    AND053-Fitness Coach

    Android App here is a plan for each day and after every interval the phone will vibrate and beep to let you know if you have to start or stop running. The application can run entirely in the background so playing music during the exercise will not be a problem Learn More
    INR 8,000.00

  • AND054-My Loan Manager

    AND054-My Loan Manager

    Android App Calculate annuity differentiated and fixed payments. Calculation the monthly payment, the amount of interest paid the total cost of credit, amortization schedule and a comparison of all these indices between different loans Learn More
    INR 8,000.00

  • AND055-Musical Instruments

    AND055-Musical Instruments

    Android App Slide your finger to change pitch: ? up to 4 configurable "keyboards" ? 5 waveforms (sine, triangle, square, sawtooth, reverse sawtooth) ? attack, release and volume for each keyboard ? selectable octave range for each keyboard ? If you experience stuttering, reduce the sample rate in th Learn More
    INR 8,000.00

  • AND056-Indian Musical Instruments

    AND056-Indian Musical Instruments

    Android App Welcome to the wonderful world of Indian music. Indian Musical Instruments app is an education and fun application designed keeping all in mind. You will see pictures of Indian musical instruments and will get the authentic sound of that musical instrument. The application contains pictu Learn More
    INR 8,000.00

  • AND057-Audio Recorder and Player

    AND057-Audio Recorder and Player

    Android App Single track recorder with built in audio player. Supports uncompressed output and the full range of sample rates, so may be of special use if you have a decent microphone. Learn More
    INR 7,000.00

  • AND058-World Map Viewer

    AND058-World Map Viewer

    Android App World Map is a simple Android app that displays a map of the world taken from Wikimedia and allows the user to scroll around on Learn More
    INR 3,000.00

  • AND059-Bomb Game

    AND059-Bomb Game

    Android App Bomber is a single player arcade game. The player is invading various cities in a plane that is decreasing in height. The goal of the game is to destroy all the buildings and advance to the next level. Each level gets a harder by increasing the speed of the plane and the height of the bu Learn More
    INR 3,000.00

  • AND016-Android Application for Call Taxi

    AND016-Android Application for Call Taxi

    The main goal of this project is to develop an accessible and comprehensive Eclipse structure application, can potentially assist individuals to book a taxi from a phone and for the company to maintain a database for booking and sending driver details. Part1: Web Application Admin can create databas Learn More
    INR 12,000.00

  • AND002-Online and Android Based Leave Management System And Attendance Management By GPS Technique.

    AND002-Online and Android Based Leave Management System And Attendance Management By GPS Technique.

    Part1: Web Application where we will have admin/employee login. (A) Admin Module: Admin can set GPS location to his office and create employee. Can see employee’s attendance and leaves request and take decision on that. Admin can send any notification to his employees. (B)Employee Module: Employee Learn More
    INR 15,000.00

  • AND003-Advance Swift Communication System(ASCS)

    AND003-Advance Swift Communication System(ASCS)

    Advance Swift Communication System(ASCS) Learn More
    INR 15,000.00

  • AND004-Data Synchronizer

    AND004-Data Synchronizer

    User can register himself and see his contact backup list, SMS Backup List, His Log Learn More
    INR 10,000.00

  • AND005-Socio Travel

    AND005-Socio Travel

    Android App Android based vehicle sharing application for mobiles. People traveling to same destination can share their vehicles with Other using this application. Very useful in a country like India where people are facing fuel drought so vehicle sharing can help save some fuel. Also helpful for en Learn More
    INR 10,000.00

  • AND006-Smart Blogger

    AND006-Smart Blogger

    Photo blogger is a Web as well as Android phone Application, which provides photo sharing and blogging at one place. It has following prominent features: 1. Photo sharing 2. Blogging 3. Yearbook : has photos/blogs related to all the events that happened in a year. Live Feed :A public platform where Learn More
    INR 12,000.00

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Items 1 to 36 of 59 total

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